Get Fired Up – Job Interview Questions :


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Explore the Right Skills for the Right Positions…

Job Interview Questions ?



Please brief yourself …
What are your key strengths ?
Are you over qualified or under qualified for this position ?
What’s your specialization ?
Who is your role model in life ?

What factors have inspired you to apply for this job ?
Do you know about our company well ?
Can you tell us about sources you tried to know our organization ?
Have you got any idea about our founder, products & brand image ?
Do you really feel that you have arrived at the right place for the right job ?

Can you brief few of your key achievements ?
Can you tell us about new learning you have enjoyed in your present job ?
Will you share few of your creativity & innovations, you have tried so far ?
What’s your most passionate tool / skill that you apply in your job ?
What was your toughest challenge, you have faced ?

What are your personal & professional goals in life ?
What was your childhood ambition ?
Can you tell us about various skills you have acquired ?
What other skills you intend to develop for your future prospects ?
What’s your ideal company, location & job ?

Where do you see yourself in the next 3, 5 & 10 years ?
How do you measure success ?
Can you brief your personal success tools / skills ?
What kind of new challenge you are looking at ?
What changes you like to do in your new job ?

How do you use your own talents on your job ?
What kind of emotional stability you apply for achieving success ?
What is your way of getting delighted in your job & life ?

What are your key weaknesses ?
Can you brief few of your key failures ?
Can you define leadership & your key leadership attributes ?
Why are you making frequent job changes ?
What’s your own rating as a leader ? (scale of 1-10)



What are your hobbies & outside job interests ?
What’s your most passionate hobby ?
What kind of books & magazines you read with passion ?
What makes you boredom in your job ?
How do you manage job stress & your suggestions ?

How do you manage people working under pressure ?
What’s your method of motivation for your people ?
How can you retain your people from moving out ?
What kind of a support you expect from HR for your success ?
Can you give us top three factors for your excellence on job ?

Do you have the knowledge of Nanovations / Nano-technology ?
How to explore application of nano technology in our products ?
What are the new inventions in soft ware & hard ware technology ?
What are the possible technology revolutions of 21st century ?
Can you tell us about nano revolutions happening around the world ?

Tell us about your challenges of fixing performance targets ?
What should be the profit & growth levels for healthy companies ?
Share your management tool for effective monitoring of results ?
How do you organize & practice skills for continuous excellence ?
Can you briefly tell us about your mindset for breakthrough results ?

Who has inspired you to come to this level ?
What are your career options as a now ?
Why do you want to leave your present job ?
How are you planning to improve your career prospects ?
What kind of training courses you wish to undergo in your new job ?

How do you build your team for progressive benchmarks ?
What kind of work environment you expect for job excellence ?
How do you like to enhance work discipline to meet targets in time ?

How do you rate your present company’s brand image ?
What negatives & positives, you have heard of our company ?
Are you planning to become an entrepreneur one day ?
How do you like to associate with us, in case, you become an entrepreneur ?
What’s your rating for our company from the knowledge you have ? (scale 1-10)


How do you react for a new idea, when you find that idea is not worth considering ?
Can you tell us the strengths & weaknesses of your boss in your present job ?
Can you differentiate between boss and leader ? Your views on this aspect ?
Could you work under a boss, whose age/qualifications/experience is less than you ?
Could you tell about leadership values & style required for 21st century dynamics ?


Could you tell us about your path to improve productivity & Quality ?
How do you propose to cut company’s costs to improve profitability ?
How do you measure customer satisfaction ?
What are your new ideas for enhancing customer satisfaction ?
Could you suggest few ideas of new products or services ?


What’s your job satisfaction rating in your present assignment ? (scale 1‐10)

How do you rate us as interviewers ? (scale 1‐10)