Extrapreneurship :


“The Drive for Super-Excellence”

Extrapreneurship is an art & science of Re-engineering the wHolistic leadership learning culture, and a drive towards internalizing the external strengths & externalizing the internal strengths of individuals and organizations, Holistically ; through a process of Light the Inner-light… Is defined as the continuously Changing Flexo-dynamic wHolistic Leadership Process, to power the change process at the speed of light, to build and add highly Qualitative Values beyond the boundaries of scale & depth towards the ultimate goal of “Total Quality of Life” in the entire spectrum of the society …”


A Process to wHolistically overhaul the Soul of individuals & organizations to build a new dimension of wHolistic leadership Value for Super-Excellence, and applying the dynamics for Transforming Enterprises into Delightful Missions of Total Prosperity…


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