Get Fired Up – Police Reforms :




The Police Services should become the Power House of Change Agents to bring New Values to the society as a whole, by maintaining the Police Personnel at a very high level of Motivation at all levels, by building Police Profession suiting to the needs of 21st century dynamics…and this calls for a Revolutionary Actions on Police Reforms to be addressed seriously by the developing world…



The Police Services & its Administration can do wonders for the developing world, if the department revolutionizes its thinking process towards making Police Services as the Change Agents of the Society with its Qualitative Services to the Public Security, Safety & Moral Values :


REDEFINING THE POLICE? The objective of Police Services should be to create awareness, motivate people and become the true change agents to the society. The term POLICE should be redefined as…the product of … Positive attitude, Organized control & actions, Loyal to the people & the soil, Intelligent & integrated observations, Consciousness in their handing,Empathetic & rightly Empowered to take the most right actions for the most right causes in the process of security measures with moral values offered to the


CHANGE PROCESS: The absence of Total Quality Human Touch in the Police Services and their traditional work practices call for a new approach to the police services suiting to the changing world and needs to be totally tuned-up to get integrated into the total systems. The time has now come, that in order to make police services very efficient, effective and diligent, the department has to undergo a series of revolutionary actions to ensure that the society gets the best possible quality support with right security & moral values for fearless living in any corner of the developing world. The change process should enhance the overall values and systems in the Police Services at all levels and drive the Police department towards People & Public Friendly approach and as Powerful & Positive Change Agents to the Society, to create an environment of fearlessness among people and to ensure that People and Police join hands for most valuable causes of the society;


DEFINING CHANGE: Change defines a set of new values for a new purpose and a new goal of creating a healthy and a progressive society through…Caring for the People with Love, Humanizing the Services, Awakening with Awareness to drive Change, Nurturing Continuously, Getting along with Continuous Change, Emotionally get Empowered to act on right situations at right time for right causes…




  • 50% WOMEN POLICE AT ALL LEVELS: This would make the department most valuable, as the women in the society is always under torture by certain society known for their criminal attitudes; This should be initiated on top most priority; The ratio of women police in the department should be in proportion to the gender population ratio, which would be the key to total protection of the total society;
  • BECOME PEOPLE & PUBLIC FRIENDLY: Police people should send the message in all possible forms to the public that the Police belongs to the people and are friendly to the public and not to have any fear psychosis with the police personnel and their department as a whole;
  • TOTAL QUALITY HUMAN TOUCH: The department should offer regular intensive training for police personnel from top to bottom, in the sphere of Human Resources Skills to ensure that every police person is taught to offer his / her emotional quality of touching the other person with total quality humanness and kindness, empathetically, which would help people to get solace and exercise freedom of expressions;
  • RESPECT FOR THE POOR: The Police Personnel should be trained formally & informally to offer due respect to the poor & downtrodden people, irrespective of age, religion, caste, creed, positions etc, as they are the neglected ones in the society and need to be cared most humanely with love & affection;
  • MOTIVATIONAL PROGRAMS FOR POLICE PERSONNEL: There should be regular motivational programs to be arranged in each police station, preferably on week ends, by inviting eminent personalities residing in the same area of police station, apart from Professional motivational programs once in 3/4 months. The best police men from the feed back of the public received through Emails, log book and other sources, could be suitably awarded on weekly basis, to create a healthy environment in the station;
  • POLICE & PUBLIC PARTNERSHIP: The Police personnel in each station should explore getting in touch with the noted people in the respective zone, covering all possible section of society, like Doctors, Teachers, Social Workers, Lawyers, Government Employees, Businessmen, Students etc., and should build a proper rapport with the groups, exclusively to take their help for improving the services from the concerned Police station. This would enhance the values of Police department and builds confidence at both the ends, to secure the safety of the people in all respects. Each Police Station can have its own Public interaction Committee to improve the overall services of Police stations;
  • SPIRITUAL AWARENESS & YOGA FOR POLICE PERSONNEL: Regular Spiritual Awareness Programs, from International Peace Organizations like “BRAHMA KUMARIS” or other suitable institution; and Regular Yoga & Meditation programs would heal the Police personnel. This could be organized in each police station; Police Stations to have Music System to Play Soft Music round the Clock, as a part of having Stress-Free work Environment, apart from maintaining the Police Stations with Excellent House Keeping with suitable Greeneries to create the Holistic Environment. Spiritualizing the Police Stations is the need of the Hour. Regular Spiritual Therapy for Police Personnel can do wonders;
  • FITNESS & HEALTH AUDIT: The department should institute a suitable six monthly Medical Audit System for police personnel covering all levels from top to bottom ranks to ensure that the people working in the department maintains up-to-date health standards required for the police services. Every police station to have the facility of Electronic Weighing Balance and the Medical Gadgets like BP and Blood Sugar Monitoring Devices. The health parameters like Body Weight, BP & Blood Sugar to be checked once a month by the Station In-charge and records maintained for the staff. The medical history reports are computerized to enable the system to get integrated with the Police Personnel Performance System for decisions like promotions etc.;
  • STOP INTERNAL HARRASMENT TO POLICE SUBORDINATES: The higher officers should stop harassing or torturing policemen totally and should engage in continuous MOTIVATION and energizing the police people in the most positive paths;
  • DISTRICT-WISE DIRECTORY OF POLICE DEPARMENT: Police department should publish the District- wise Directory of Police Personnel, right from the District Police In charge to the lowest level constable, with the details of names, designations, land lines, mobile numbers, E mail ids and the address of police station for public usage; The Police Directory could be well inserted in the main directory of BSNL / GETIT etc,. The Directory should be made available to the public at free of cost;
  • E MAIL ID FOR POLICE PERSONNEL: The police personnel at all levels must and should have their departmental web integrated E mail ids, to enable public to help police in providing confidential information through E mails etc;
  • COMPLIANTS THROUGH E-MAILS: Police department should accept formal or informal complaints through E mails and to proceed accordingly;
  • UPDATE THE WEBSITE REGULARLY: The department should provide as much information as possible to the public through the Police department website;
  • PRACTICE TOTAL TRANSPARENCY: The department should become transparent in the systems followed for the benefit of police staff, as well as, to the public;
  • WOMAN POLICE COUNSELOR: Every Police station should have Woman Police Counselor to counsel and guide people who enters into Police station for their various problems; Woman Police Counselor should work as a Change Agent to the Public, as well as, to the Police department;
  • PUBLIC COMPLAINT BOOK / LOG BOOK / SUGGESTION BOOK: All Police Stations should maintain Open 24 hrs Public Log Book etc., for the benefit of People to provide the right feed back and valuable suggestions to enhance their efficiencies and effectiveness; The Public may inform about the corruption issues, their observations etc for the information of the Police department;
  • PUBLIC RELATIONSHIP: The departments should extend hearty welcome to any one who enters the Police station and to treat the visitor as the guest of honor, to understand the purpose of the visitor, either individually or in group; The department should learn to make use of the visitors presence to get the feed back & suggestions for enhancing the departmental values;
  • COMPUTER SKILLS & SOCIAL MEDIA: The Police personnel should be trained on various skills to handle E mails, SMS, Face book etc to interact with the public in open to upgrade their knowledge & skills to work in the environment of 21st century. This should be applicable from the top most ranking officer to the bottom most constable;
  • CALL CENTER HELPS & HOT LINES: Each district should be offered a Call Center Help / Hot lines to get the maximum help from the Police department. The details of call center help / Hot lines should be properly notified in daily news editions and in other publications;
  • MAINTAIN DIGNITY OF POLICE STATIONS: The department should maintain excellent house keeping with good furnishings and proper systems of records management, filing systems and other office dignity, which would enhance the morale of Policemen and would give decorum to the Police department;
  • USE OF TECHNOLOGY: The Police stations should be provided with reasonable facilities of latest technology applications like, voice recording of complainants, video conferencing, satellite linked centralized monitoring of ground staff performance, web cams in police stations etc, which would speed-up the decision making process;
  • COMMUNICATION SKILLS & POSITIVE LEADERSHIP: The Police department as a whole will have to undergo series of Training in various skills and provide very positive leadership values with very positive communication skills at all levels will mean a lot to the society and the country;
  • CORRUPT-FREE NATION BUILDING: Weeding out total corruption in the country should begin with free and fair selection process of Police Personnel, purely on merits & values;
  • SUPPORT FOR SMALL VENDORS: The Policemen should stop collecting money or materials, being normally called as hafta collection of any kind from small shops or street vendors and also to stop harassing this section of society. Instead, the Policemen should take pride in offering better moral support to such small vendors ,who are known to struggle a lot for their day-to-day living;
  • PRACTICE NOBLE VALUES & EMPATHY: Kindness, Love, Empathy, Humbleness, Co-operation, Co- ordination, Compassion, Care for people, Justice and other basic humanitarian values & humaneness should be the true foundation of the Police department;
  • POSITIVE POLICING IN TOTALITY: The society would love to have very positive Police personnel with positive policing in the society and both belongs to each other in a way, for the benefit of total society;




The Police Administration Services needs to undergo drastic changes in its qualitative recruitments, apart from tuning-up the existing Police staff to ensure finest quality services to the society.

The Universities and Educational Institutions will have to seriously explore possibilities of creating state-of-the-art courses in Police & Public Administration to cover the entire spectrum of Police Ranks to meet the new challenges of growing world of 21st century. The Universities & Institutions should have suitable collaboration with the Police Administration Services & also Defense Academies to formulate the State-of-the-art syllabuses and other foundational values for different courses to cover all possible rank & file of Police Personnel;


Courses required to be inducted at Universities & other Educational Institutions:


(for Police Constables) : 3 years after 10th Standard.
Plus National Cadet Corps NCC ‘A’ certificate mandatory
This course should be made mandatory at the entry level recruitments of Police Constable;


(for Police Sub Inspectors) : 3 years after 12th Standard.
National Cadet Corps NCC ‘B’ Certificate Mandatory
This course should be made mandatory at the entry level recruitments of Assistant Sub Inspectors & Sub Inspectors;


(for Police Inspectors) : 2 yrs after Degree.
National Cadet Corps NCC ‘C’ Certificate Mandatory
This course should be made mandatory at the entry level recruitments of Police Inspectors & above;


(for Top Positions) : 3 yrs after Post Graduation


( for Top Positions) : 2 Yrs after PhD.,


Subjects to be covered in all the above academic courses to include…


Broadly the following subjects to be compulsorily covered for the above courses, apart from the normal syllabuses existing in the training courses…


General Administration, Personality Development & Public Speaking, Human Resources Management, Public affairs & Public Administration, Political Science, Inter-personal, Communication Skills, Environmental Management, Dieting & Wellness Management, Yoga & Holistic Science, Self Branding & self Discipline, Indian & World History, The Constitution of India, Criminology, Human Psychology, Science of Counseling, Police & Defense Laws, Criminal & Civil Laws, Right to Information, Fast Track Public Courts & Administration with its Regulatory Laws, Motor Vehicle Acts & RTO Administration, Surface Transport & Aircrafts rules & regulations, Preventive measures & regulation of drug trafficking, International acts, rules & regulations adoptable to police administration, National & International Security Acts & Measures including Border Security, Fire Fighting & Safety Management, Technology Application for Police Controls, Vigilance Control Systems & Management, Computer Application & Internet Services, Public Security Science, Statistics & MIS, Cost Management, Police Administration, Training & Development, Effective Management of Prisoners Jail, Total Quality Traffic Management, Man Power Planning, Management of Crisis & Trouble Shooting, Techniques & Management of Terror Groups, Use of Right Combat Gadgets, Tools & Technology for Right Causes, Effective Control of Rapes & Women Harassments in Public Places, Goal Setting & Strategic Management, Creativity & Innovation Management, Management by Excellence, English & Hindi Speaking, Total Quality Leadership….


Apart from regular field parades, there should be regular and intensive leadership training, both indoor & outdoor ones, covering Trekking & Mountaineering, Bridging, Rope ways, Vehicle Chasing, Sky & Sea Dive Sports, Karate, Judo & other Martial Arts of Self-Defense games and other related traditional and modern safety techniques of self and mob combat skills & tactics with necessary tools & gadgets for effective management of Violence to protect the masses, Public Debates, Quiz Competitions and others…


“The developing world needs to explore innovative measures to enhance the true values of police services to the society through right education & skills development”